Dog Bins

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, our contractor is working hard to keep our dog bins emptied.  Please bear with us if collections are not quite as frequent as usual.  You can still report problems by following the instructions below. 

Update July 2021: There are two new dog bins in Leon Rec. These were installed by Milton Keynes Council without the Town Council’s knowledge as part of a programme of improvements to Leon Rec. This meant that these bins were not added to our contract because we didn’t know about them until after they had been installed. The Town Council have now adopted the bins and they have been emptied and our team will keep monitoring usage levels. 

Bletchley and Fenny Stratford Town Council have recently installed an additional 7 dog bins, taking the number managed by the Town Council to 47 across the parish. In addition to emptying 20 of the more heavily used bins, this service has been increased to twice weekly to ensure the bins are well maintained .

Our bins are labelled with the Town Council's logo and numbered. If you would like to report any issues, please contact the office on 01908 633 789.

There are green dog bins in Newton Leys which do not have our logo and are not managed by the Town Council. Please report any issues with these bins to Crabtree Property Management on 020 8371 7070 or

Photo of Dog Waste Bin in Newton Leys


Location of dog bins

Central Bletchley Dog Bins

Map of Bletchley with dog bins


Fenny Stratford Dog Bins

Map of Fenny Stratford with Dog Bins

Water Eaton Dog Bin

Map of Water Eaton with Dog Bins

Location of dog bins

Newton Leys

Map of Newton Leys with Dog Bins