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Bletchley and Fenny Stratford Town Council (BFSTC) is open and transparent about the way it manages public money in compliance with the statutory legislation which is designed to make sure the council takes no unacceptable risks with public money.

Risk management and the proper use of resources are the collective responsibility of the Full Council. On a day to day basis the Council’s finances are monitored by the Town Clerk who is the Responsible Finance Officer. Our book-keeping and accounts preparation is completed by the Town Clerk.  All Finance enquiries should be addressed on the first instance to Delia Shephard on 01908 649469 or by emailing 

The Council appoints an internal auditor who assesses the Council’s compliance with relevant legislation and a further annual audit is carried out by an external auditor appointed independently of the Council.

The Town Council derives most of its income through the precept, an annual sum of money collected with the Council Tax by Milton Keynes Council. Other income comes from charges levied by the Town Council for use of its services, third party grant funding, sponsorship and donations.