Hybrid planning application proposing redevelopment of the Lakes Estate

Published: 15 June 2020

Visual illustration of the Lakes Estate Redevelopment Plan 

A hybrid planning application (20/00942/OUT) has been received proposing redevelopment of the Lakes Estate. Members of the public can view by visiting Milton Keynes Council's Public Access System. The planning application has been prepared on behalf of Milton Keynes Council. 

There are two phases to this hybrid application. Phase A proposes 308 new homes, 160sqm flexible retail floorspace (Use Class A1-A5), 613sqm community hub floorspace (Use Class D2), 220sqm light industrial floorspace (Use Class B1c), 200sqm for a nursery (Use Class D1) and an energy centre, an energy centre and estate-wide environmental improvements which form a suite of public realm and landscaping enhancements. Phase B encompasses access, layout and scale for Area B of Serpentine Court which will provide approximately 281 new homes and 756sqm of flexible retail floorspace (Use Class A1-A5). 

Collectively, all phases of the development, including the detailed and outline applications will deliver 589 homes, 1,136sqm of retail re-provision, 613sqm of community uses, 200sqm for a nursery and a new energy centre.

We have selected a few documents below to give an overview of the planning application but please do view all the documents on the Public Access System.

Extraordinary Meeting on Tuesday 7th July

An extraordinary Town Council meeting, to discuss the planning application for the Lakes Estate (20/00942/OUT), was held via Zoom on Tuesday 7th July at 7pm. The meeting was live streamed and has been saved on our Facebook page. You can find out more about the details of this meeting by visiting this webpage: Extraordinary Meeting 7th July Agenda and Meeting Details . The Town Council commented on the application and it will now go before Milton Keynes Council.

You can also view the slides from the Progress Update presentation which took place during the meeting.