Partial road closure to traffic - Queensway

Published: 21 July 2020

Milton Keynes Council have asked local businesses, councillors and the public to let them know what they can do to help make Queensway in Bletchley a safe place to shop during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

The majority of businesses have told Milton Keynes Council that they would like to see some of Queensway closed off to traffic so that shoppers can move around the street more easily. The temporary measure to close part of Queensway to traffic will begin from Wednesday 22nd July.

This will enable Milton Keynes Council to space out market stalls, provide room for people to queue outside shops and allow businesses to apply to place tables and chairs on the pavements. Shoppers can still visit but the cars won’t be able to drive down and park. Milton Keynes Council have created some maps to show visitors and employees where to park nearby. Signage will also be put in place and will direct any traffic to alternative routes including for delivery vans and lorries.

Milton Keynes Council will listen to your feedback and they will make any adjustments where needed. Members of the public can get in contact with Milton Keynes Council to give feedback and to ask questions by calling on 01908 252353.

Please find further information by viewing the Queensway information leaflet and Parking and Road Closure maps, both provided by Milton Keynes Council. These documents are also available to view by clicking on the images below.

Milton Keynes Council's Help the high street to reopen leaflet for Queensway

 Map of parking spaces

 Map of partial road closure in Queensway