Celebrating Greensand Country - Stories of the Landscape, Call out for Local Voices

Published: 03 February 2021

Image of first page of Greensland Country project document


Greensand Country Landscape Partnership is looking for locals to share their memories of Greensand Country as part of our Oral History Project. To find out more about the project, please read the Greensand Country PDF document and please contact the project's Community Arts Officer, Sally Christopher via email sallyc@greensandcountry.com 

‘Greensand Country’ is an island of distinctive, beautiful and loved countryside, based on a band of higher ground ‘Greensand Ridge’. The Greensand Ridge is a narrow, wooded sandstone ridge over 40 miles long, stretching from Leighton Buzzard to Gamlingay, rising out of the surrounding clay vales. It contains all of Bedfordshire’s remaining heathland, more than half of its woodland, and more surviving historic parkland than any other landscape in the country, often surrounding notable manor houses. This landscape character is a legacy of its underlying Greensand geology, which led to much of it being regarded as ‘marginal land’ not suitable for agriculture, as well as its management over centuries by major estates. The programme will run until June 2021.

Find out more on the Greensand Country's website.