Free Summer Play Sessions Have Begun

Published: 02 August 2022

Funded by the Town Council, MKPA Free Summer Sessions are taking place across our area between 26th July to 31st August 2022, at Newton Leys, Leon Rec and the Lakes Estate.

 Lakes Estate, Dinosaur Park
  • Tuesday 2nd August– 9.30am-12pm
  • Tuesday 9th August– 9.30am-12pm
  • Tuesday 16th August – 9.30am-12pm
  • Tuesday 23rd August- 9.30am-12pm
  • Tuesday 30th August – 9.30am-12pm

Leon Recreational Grounds

  • Wednesday 3rd August – 9.30am-12pm
  • Wednesday 10th August–9.30am-12pm
  • Wednesday 17th August – 9.30am-12pm
  • Wednesday 24th August – 9.30am-12pm
  • Wednesday 31st August – 9.30am-12pm

Newton Leys, Anglesey View

  • Thursday 4th August– 9.30am-12pm
  • Thursday 11th August– 9.30am-12pm
  • Thursday 18th August – 9.30am-12pm
  • Thursday 25th August– 9.30am -12pm
  • Monday 29th August – 9.30am-12pm