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The Town Council has now moved to its new office at Sycamore House, Drayton Road, Water Eaton, MK2 3RR. We look forward to welcoming you to our new office soon.

Please email or call us for more information if you can't find it on our website. Call us on 01908 649 469 or email info@bletchleyfennystratford-tc.gov.uk .


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Milton Keynes Council's Summer Roadshows

Published: 12 Aug 22

Milton Keynes Council is hosting Summer Roadshow events where Council tenants can attend to speak to the housing team about any housing issues they might have. Milton Keynes Council will also be giving out free water saving devices and energy saving lightbulbs to Milton Keynes Council tenants.

Bonfire warning from Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue

Published: 12 Aug 22

Local grassland, verges, hedgerows and fields are extremely dry following the unusually hot weather. This means that there is a real risk of fire starting from human behaviour and impacting on property and others. Sadly, areas such as the Blue Lagoon nature reserve have been impacted recently by discarded rubbish either catching light accidentally or being deliberately set light to. Read more from Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue in this news article.

Draft Milton Keynes Parking Standards Supplementary Planning Document

Published: 10 Aug 22

Milton Keynes Council has published the Draft Milton Keynes Parking Standards Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) for consultation and they are inviting comments from members of the public, organisations, and other stakeholders for an eight-week period. All comments must be received by Milton Keynes Council no later than 5.00pm on 05 October 2022. Find out more in this news article.

Helping to reduce food waste at Water Eaton Community Larder

Published: 5 Aug 22

This article from Water Eaton Community Larder highlights how we can all work to waste less food and the environmental benefits this will have as well as potentially saving resources and reducing costs. The Community Larder and Cafe take place on Tuesdays at Water Eaton Church Centre - find out more in this news article.

Upcoming events in August

Published: 3 Aug 22

This weekend (6th-7th August) will see the return of the Fenny Stratford Canal Festival, organised by the Milton Keynes Branch of the IWA. Then on Sunday 14th August, Fenny Poppers Festival will take place organised by the Fenny Poppers Team. Both Fenny Stratford Canal Festival and Fenny Poppers Festival received Community Grants from the Town Council. Find out more in this news article.

Cost of Living Support

Published: 3 Aug 22

Find out what cost of living support you could be eligible for. This includes advice and support on the costs of energy bills, income support and childcare. Find out more in this news article.