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Neighbourhood Plan

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Bletchley and Fenny Stratford Neighbourhood Plan logo

For more information and updates visit the Bletchley and Fenny Stratford Neighbourhood Plan website

The Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Period

In an exciting update for our community, we're thrilled to announce that the neighbourhood plan is making significant strides forward.

The success of our neighbourhood plan relies on the active participation of every resident. To ensure that the draft emerging policies align with the collective vision of our community. Our consultation is taking place from 22nd January - 2nd February 2024.

Your views are incredibly important and we need your comments and feedback to all of these policy ideas before we progress the plan to the next stage.

Please come along to any of the events to give your feedback. You can view these policies online to give us your thoughts by visiting:


How will the new Neighbourhood Plan be developed? How can I get involved?

Although the town council has started the process of developing the new plan the neighbourhood plan belongs to the neighbourhood area. The plan must be made by the community itself - with the support of the town council and Milton Keynes City Council, as well as the planning consultants and other experts the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group decides to use.

A group composed of local people has been set up to steer the preparation of the plan and to seek the views of local people. You can still join the Steering Group which will oversee production of the plan.  We are also looking for local people who want to be involved in the community consultations or those who can bring specific expertise or knowledge of minority and under-represented groups.

For more information on joining the group or getting involved in devising the neighbourhood plan, please get in contact by emailing or calling 01908 649 469. 

Sign up for the Neighbourhood Plan e-newsletter 

You can sign up to the neighbourhood plan newsletter by signing up to the mailing list by emailing or signing up directly via the Get Involved webpage on the Bletchley and Fenny Stratford Neighbourhood Plan website.

Please put 'Neighbourhood Plan Newsletter' in the subject line of the email. In the email itself, please tell us your name and contact information, including your address and telephone number. By emailing us this information, you are giving the town council permission to contact you and to send you the neighbourhood plan e-newsletter.