Allotment gardens are great place for people of all ages and backgrounds to grow organic fruits and vegetables, keep fit, socialise with like-minded people and enhance biodiversity by cultivating the plots.

The Town Council owns five allotment sites within the parish at Larch Grove, Manor Fields, Orchardside, Stoke Road and Pinewood Drive thus providing over 200 plots for the people of Bletchley and Fenny Stratford Town Council to enjoy.

The sites at Manor Fields (81 plots), and Larch Grove (24 plots) and Orchardside (71 plots) are managed by the Town Council. If you would like to join waiting list for any of these three sites, please email Allotment Officers at with your full name, postal address, phone number and site preference. Please read our Terms and Conditions for 2019/2020 when considering an allotment. Plot costs £0.25 per square meter and size varies across the site. Allotment Strategy can be also found here.  

Newton Leys Allotment and Other Sites

A new allotment site at Newton Leys was planned to be opened during 2018 but unfortunately a completion date for this site is not available. The Town Council is however accepting names for the waiting list. We held a drop in on 20 September 2018 and the information pack distributed there can be found here

The sites at Stoke Road and Pinewood Drive are managed by independent Allotment Associations. To apply for the plots in Stoke Road, contact the Chairman via BFSTC office. For Pinewood Drive, please click here.

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Allotment Meetings

Thank you for attending the Allotment Tenants Meeting on 12 February 2019. Details about the next meeting will be announced in due course.


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If you would like to request permission to erect a Greenhouse/ Polytunnel/ Shed, click here

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