Bletchley Market

Since the early 1900s Bletchley Town Centre has included a general market in one location or another. Earlier still there was a cattle market in Fenny Stratford. Our town centre has been affected by the extensive development of retail opportunities in central Milton Keynes, at MK:One and other nearby out of town retail parks. However we retain a variety of services and independent and chain stores in the town centre. There is also considerable free parking to assist shoppers.

Although general markets are currently in decline nationwide a number of loyal traders are still providing market stalls in Bletchley on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. These stalls supplement the retail outlet in Bletchley’s town centre and we encourage residents and visitors to use them. Our market pitch prices are very competitive and we welcome new traders.

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We are happy to help established traders or offer advice to local producers who would like to try selling their wares in Bletchley. Please contact us at  if you are interested.

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