Bletchley and Fenny Stratford Town Council works to influence local development control, land use and spatial plans as well as aiming to promote regeneration in the parish.

Individual Planning Applications

The Town Council aims to review all planning applications which are made in our parish and submit our considered comments to Milton Keynes Council which is the Local Planning Authority. The Town Council is not a planning authority and Milton Keynes Council does not have to agree with our views although it does have to consider them before it decides to grant or refuse planning permission.


The Town Council’s comments on proposed developments are made on behalf of the whole community and must be relevant to national and local planning policies and the legal framework for decision making.


Planning applications are reviewed in Full Council and members of the public are encouraged to attend these meetings to observe decision-making, to submit written representations to the Town Council or to speak during the public speaking time at council meetings.
Please visit the MK Council Planning Portal to access planning applications in the parish.  


Local Development Plan and Regeneration

The Town Council also aims to influence the planning policies of Milton Keynes Council especially those contained in the local development plan (Draft Plan:MK, Local Plan and Core Strategy etc). This is undertaken by participating in consultations on behalf of the community and actively advocating for the community on issues such as location of housing, joined up infrastructure and homes, completion of the east/west rail link, the development of an Oxford-Cambridge expressway and development of the town centre among others.

The Town Council recognises that existing facilities within Bletchley need investment and regeneration and the Town Council is working with MK Council and others to promote and support positive redevelopment.


Neighbourhood Plan

There is currently one Neighbourhood Plan in the parish of Bletchley and Fenny Stratford. Following a referendum the Lakes Estate Neighbourhood Plan became part of the Development Plan for Milton Keynes in October 2015 and is used alongside the Local Plan and Core Strategy when considering development proposals within the area covered by the plan.