Environment Agency's response to complaints about Bletchley Landfill

Published: 01 October 2020

The Environment Agency has received a number of reports relating to unpleasant odours and litter from Bletchley Landfill. Their officers have responded to some of these complaints and attended both the site and the local area to undertake assessments for odour and litter.

To date, the Environment Agency have identified a small number of breaches of the Environmental Permit and the operator has been scored for these. The Environment Agency have set the operator a number of actions to take that should help to reduce the likelihood of both odour and litter escaping the site. Environment Agency officers will continue to attend the site on a regular basis and are liaising with the site operator to identify further improvements that can be put in place to further reduce the potential for off-site odours or litter.

The Environment Agency are currently unable to provide a timescale on when odours will be reduced to levels that do not cause a nuisance as this work is ongoing, however they anticipate improvements from mid-October 2020. There should be a further update by the end of October 2020.

The Environment Agency is asking residents to continue to report the odours to them using their incident hotline – 0800 80 70 60. This will ensure that they have an accurate record of the extent of the problem and it will help Environment Agency officers to target their investigations.

Please find more information in the Environment Agency's Community Briefing

Image of Environment Agency Community Briefing