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Christmas lights in 2020

09 June 2020
Image of Christmas Lights on a tree

At the Full Council meeting on Tuesday 2nd June, the Christmas lights for this year were discussed. Currently, the status of the Christmas lights is uncertain. There are several issues which need to be resolved regarding the use of Milton Keynes Council’s lighting columns and trees. To satisfy statutory safety regulations (after the previous lighting contract came to an end in 2019), structural and electrical tests will be required on the columns used for the illuminations. 

Milton Keynes Council has also raised ecological concerns over the use of trees for decoration. At time of writing, the Town Council is waiting for a report from Milton Keynes Council on the condition of the columns used for lights and this has delayed further conversations with our lighting contractor. Progress on the Christmas lights has been delayed further due to the current Covid-19 crisis. As it stands, any Christmas lights and/or Christmas events for 2020 are likely to be different and smaller than in previous years.

The Town Council is very aware of the importance of the Christmas lights to our residents and its contribution to the festive celebrations in our parish. We believe that the festive spirit generated by the Christmas lights could be even more important this year in the current context of the Covid-19 crisis. We would like to reassure residents that we are considering different options on how to celebrate Christmas following Tuesday’s meeting. We are continuing to communicate and work together with Milton Keynes Council and fellow parish councils to explore potential options. The Town Council is also approaching Ward Councillors and will be asking for their input and support in this matter.

The Christmas lights will be discussed again at an upcoming Town Council meeting and we will keep our residents up to date with our progress.

Residents can find further information by viewing the meeting (Tuesday 2nd June 2020) which was livestreamed and saved on the Town Council Facebook page. The subject of Christmas lights begins at 19 minutes 21 seconds into the meeting. Residents can also view the agenda and reports from this meeting by following this link: Full Council Meeting – Tuesday 2nd June 2020