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Proposed 20mph Speed Zone in Bletchley

Milton Keynes City Council have proposed 20mph speed zones on various roads in Bletchley, Milton Keynes.

The proposed order will be to introduce a 20mph speed zone in Central Bletchley, which will be taken into effect on 19th October 2023. It will include the following lengths of road:

  • Ashfield Grove
  • Baccarra Grove
  • Bettina Grove
  • Birchfield Grove
  • Brooklands Road
  • Celina Close
  • Chestnut Crescent
  • Clifford Avenue
  • Duncombe Street
  • Doreen Close
  • Findlay Way
  • Frensham Drive
  • Hazel Grove
  • Hunter Drive (Part)
  • Lennox Road
  • Leon Avenue
  • Mossmans Close
  • Oliver Road
  • Queensway (Part)
  • Sandringham Place
  • Saffron Street
  • Sunset Close
  • Water Eaton Road (Part)
  • Westfield Road
  • Willow Way

The introduction of the 20mph speed zone will help to reduce vehicular speeds along the above lengths of road, which will encourage and facilitate safe pedestrian and cyclist movements.

As the Highway Authority for the above lengths of road, Milton Keynes City Council is satisfied that the introduction of the 20mph speed zone will help encourage the convenient and safe movement of vehicular traffic.